About Old Glory Bank

Old Glory Bank is a state-chartered, FDIC-insured bank that serves Americans from sea to shining sea with its leading-edge online and mobile banking technology. Not a “challenger” bank, Old Glory Bank is a real bank and is the first chartered bank to openly support America, the flag, freedom, the military, first responders, and most importantly, the hard-working people who make America great — “Old Glory NationTM.” Old Glory Bank was created to be your hometown bank, no matter where you call home. A banking solution for those who feel marginalized for believing in the greatness of America. Old Glory Bank was co-founded by some of the leading voices supporting freedom and love of country, including former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson; radio and television host, Larry Elder; former two-term Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin Christensen, and country music superstar, TV host, entrepreneur, and songwriter, John Rich. Old Glory Bank will never cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs or for exercising their lawful rights.

We stand with you.
No matter where you stand.

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